Our Housing

The Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) has 33 buildings in the Tenderloin District and surrounding San Francisco neighborhoods that provide safe, affordable homes for 3,600 of San Francisco’s lowest income level residents.

Our Programs

TNDC provides comprehensive support services and community organizing activities helping tenants stabilize their lives and strengthen their neighborhoods.

TNDC’s Impact on the Community

  • Provide housing to 3,600 low-income seniors, families, people with disabilities, emancipated youth, and individuals. The formerly homeless make up about 25% of our residents, children make up 11%, and the elderly 40%.
  • Employee approximately 319 people, including 25% who live or work in the Tenderloin District or adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Engage 100 volunteers each year from 10+ companies including Adobe, BDO, Blackrock, Dolby, Fitness SF, NerdWallet, Salesforce, Yammer, and Zoosk.
  • Maintain a tenant retention rate of 92%, which is among the best – if not the best – of any community development corporation in the nation.
  • Give away 3,400 lbs in free and healthy food each year, grown through the TNDC Tenderloin People’s Garden and the four (4) rooftop gardens we maintain.
  • Raise over $2M through a combination of grants, individual donations, and events from people who care about keeping San Francisco affordable for all its residents.
  • Won’t you help us build a more inclusive city? How you can help.
You can make a difference for San Franciscans making less than $15,000 a year.
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News & Events

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Growing Up at SOMA Studios
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