864 Ellis Street

TNDC is particularly proud of this building, which was developed to house formerly homeless youth. In 1998, TNDC acquired the five-story, 25-studio building left vacant by a fire. A partnership was soon formed with Larkin Street Youth Services (LSYS) to provide the studios to the youth at well below market rate while LSYS provides services—case management, medical care, HIV/AIDS services, employment counseling and other types of support—specifically targeting young adults. Out of the 24 available studio units, 6 are reserved for youth living with HIV/AIDS through the Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) program and two units are accessible for people with disabilities. A TNDC building manager lives and works on-site to oversee building operations, while a full time service provider and part-time resident advisors from LSYS provide guidance about daily life skills and provide links to employment. Young adults began moving into the 24-unit building in late December 2001. The apartments have already had a remarkable impact on the young residents: “It’s a place to call home now. I’m just going to save my money and try to move on and this is the starting point,” tenant Denise Franklin noted. Most residents are between the ages of 18 and 23 and the majority of them have been homeless at some point in their lives. A significant number of the youth are escaping abusive and unhealthy family situations and some are fending for themselves at the legal adult age of 18, when foster care is no longer an option. The Ellis Street Apartments provide these youth with critical housing and the support resources necessary to obtain personal independence and self sufficiency.

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