75 Dore Street

TNDC is proud to have added to its portfolio the first multi-family building in Northern California to achieve LEED Silver Certification. TNDC acquired the Folsom + Dore Apartments from the Citizens Housing Corp. in November 2009. The building opened in February 2005, complete with sustainable building features and practices that were truly ahead of their time: significant parking reductions, an on-site car-sharing pod, a photovoltaic system, an efficient combined water and space heating system, natural ventilation, and environmentally friendly building materials. The development includes 98 units of affordable housing for low- and very low-income residents, including developmentally disabled adults and formerly homeless families. Funding through the Multifamily Housing Program provides the deeper levels of affordability necessary to make the units available to special needs residents. Folsom + Dore showcases its community meeting room and on-site supportive services under a recycled brick façade that was once part of a warehouse structure. The building’s architectural achievements have been widely recognized, with two Gold Nugget Grand Awards (“Best Affordable” and “Sustainable Residential Neighborhood” categories), three awards from the American Institute of Architects, including a National Green Building Award, and an Award of Excellence from the Home Depot Foundation.

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