West Hotel

141 Eddy Street, San Francisco

The West Hotel is a 5-story building with 104 SRO units, serviced by two elevators. Click here to print flyer.

Unit Type: SRO without a Bath

Unit Rent*: $472*

Income Limit: $11,328 minimum to $35,550 maximum*

Household Size: 1

Unit Type: SRO with a Bath

Unit Rent *: $537*

Income Limit: $12,888 minimum to $35,550 maximum*

Household Size: 1

Management Office:

141 Eddy Street San Francisco, Ca 94012 P: (415) 561-9630 F: (415) 561-9637 TTY: (415) 776-4819

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday

2:00 pm -4:00 pm


  • Each Floor features common bathrooms equipped with ADA accessible showers
  • Common areas include: a lobby, TV/club room on the ground floor; a community kitchen and laundry facility on the basement level.
  • Each unit is furnished with a micro-refeshment cabinet microwave and small refrigerator
  • Accessible units are available for individuals with mobility, sight, and hearing impairments.
  • Other accessibility modifications may also be requested.
  • Utilities are included in the rent, except for Direct TV, internet and phone service.

Reasonable accommodations will be provided upon request. To make a request contact the on-site manager.

If you require translation service, please notify the on-site manager in advance so we can accommodate you.

How to Apply:

Pick up Applications at 141 Eddy Street

All Applications will be processed in the order of date and time received

*Specific units are designated and attached with Project Based Vouchers from the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA). Project Based Voucher units allow tenants to pay 30% of income towards rent. Income minimum limits will not apply for these units.

Property Programs:

Department of Public Health:

– Direct Access to Housing

– Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS

San Francisco Houisng Authority:

-McKinney Section 8

-Proejct Based Section 8






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