A Note From Don

TNDCWe know that affordable housing provides our tenants with the peace of mind and stability that fosters physical and mental well-being. We also know, however, that the drivers of good health extend beyond a person’s home to the quality of their neighborhood and city.

Now more than ever, residents of the Tenderloin face additional challenges to maintaining good health. Many struggle to find access to healthy and affordable food options in their local markets amid a rapidly changing San Francisco. But food is more than something we eat to survive – it’s also a way of connecting across cultures and bringing people together. As Ryan Thayer, co-coordinator of TNDC’s Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition notes, “Food is a vehicle for community change.”

We are honored to be a part of the Tenderloin community. In these pages, you will see how TNDC creates lasting impact for the people in and outside our buildings through the power of food.

I thank you for your continued support as we promote the well-being of TNDC’s tenants and the residents of the neighborhoods we serve.

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