A Thank You from Don (Winter 2018)

We have had such a productive 2018, and it’s all because of your incredible support! 

You have helped us keep up with San Francisco’s growing needs in three big ways:

Homes—You opened the door for 650 people with low incomes. And are helping us build 1,393 more homes by 2023!

Health—You increased the amount of healthy foods offered in the Tenderloin and expanded our food demonstrations to our Tenderloin After-School Program and our Tenderloin People’s Garden!

Voice—You helped register over seventy TNDC residents to vote. Together, we passed Props 1, 2, and C increasing funds for affordable housing!

As we step into 2019, we thank you for helping us build a world we can all be proud of.

With gratitude,




Donald S. Falk, CEO

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