Partner Profile: Bothin Foundation

Bothin 1 WebsiteEvery Thursday a group of dedicated staff and volunteers carefully set out apples, celery, potatoes, and prepared meals for the morning food distribution at Yosemite Commercial Space at 476 Eddy Street. Packed with tables and shelves of food, their space is modest, but as of January, it now includes a freezer and refrigerator purchased with a grant from the Bothin Foundation.

Bothin’s added storage space allows our Health & Wellness program to accommodate a welcomed increase in food contributions from the San Francisco and Marin Food Bank and other donors, such as Trader Joe’s, San Francisco City Impact, Food Runners, Grocery Outlet, local farmers markets, and more. Bothin’s grant has also contributed several other food storage, transport, and display items, such as a professional cooking demonstration table used across six of our senior buildings.

Bothin supports low-income families, people with disabilities, and youth by providing non-profits with capital investments, such as technology
needs and program equipment.

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