Thank You from Don

“I look at the Tenderloin as a gateway for people trying to pick their lives up, for people trying to work through problems. We try to make the Tenderloin a good gateway, as good as we can make it. “
—Brother Kelly Cullen, Former Executive Director of TNDC

Every day you give people a place to call home, but you also give people the power to change their lives, their community, and San Francisco.

Over the last 10 years, your giving has sustained our Community Organizing team, a group which spends each day building a more equitable San Francisco.

Their team encourages all Tenderloin residents to find and use their voice to make the change they want to see—whether it is more healthy food choices in corner stores or a stronger political presence in City Hall.

The power is in their hands and that power is life changing.

Thank you for creating a gateway for people to change their lives.

With gratitude,



Donald S. Falk, CEO

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