Looking Ahead


Whether looking nationally or locally, 2016 was a year of profound change. And as we enter 2017, we are seeing firsthand how “home” is more important than ever to our residents and staff.

At TNDC, we believe that a home is more than four walls and a roof. We believe that homes foster stability, health, community, and support, and that housing is a human right. We act on this belief by creating opportunities for people with limited means to live in affordable homes.

In the last year, we advanced 15 affordable development projects and over 1,500 homes, including five former public housing properties acquired from the San Francisco Housing Authority.  We saw 100 seniors and people with disabilities move into our newest building, Willie B. Kennedy Apartments.

By 2020, we will offer 4,000 affordable homes for 6,000 people—the vast majority of whom have annual incomes under $20,000.

Affordable housing changes people’s lives. In an era when the resilience and well-being of our residents is being tested as never before, your involvement makes even more of a difference in their lives.  Thank you for your support and all that you do.


Donald S. Falk, CEO


Margaret Schrand, Board President

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