Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission


TNDC provides affordable housing and services for low-income people in the Tenderloin and throughout San Francisco, to promote equitable access to opportunity and resources.

Our Vision & Values


In San Francisco, TNDC envisions diverse communities where people with low incomes can fulfill their potential and meet their basic needs. Their housing is affordable and near amenities and services that enhance the quality of their lives. People feel safe, and supported by their community. All are invited to offer their voice in the issues that shape their lives.

In the Tenderloin, TNDC stands as a catalyst for advancing community interests and a force for expanding the choices that enhance livability, such as housing, employment, education, food, cultural activities, and open spaces.

As a healthy organization, TNDC is viewed as a trusted and well-organized community ally locally and a practice leader nationally. We contribute throughout San Francisco by providing affordable housing and other resources, by partnering effectively with other organizations and by supporting resident leadership.


Integrity: We strive for candor, respect and honesty. We seek to stand as a model of ethical behavior.

Excellence: We continuously push ourselves to improve and to produce high quality work.

Diversity: We treat all people with respect and believe that different experiences and perspectives add value.

Collaboration: We enhance our impact by working together and with others. We create partnerships, solicit and respond to input, and share our knowledge.

Equity: We strive for economic and social justice for all people, especially those with limited power and resources.

Our Foundation.  Our Future.

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