Partner Focus: Dolby Laboratories, INC

In 2014, Dolby relocated its headquarters to 1275 Market Street in the mid-market area adjacent to the Tenderloin. Eager to learn more about their neighborhood and how Dolby could help make it an even better place to live and work, the community relations team at Dolby volunteered its employees to work at the Tenderloin People’s…

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Vignettes from Past TASP Tours

TASP’s College Tour to New Orleans was a great success both in terms of exposure to college campuses and meaningful experiences in a new city. Following the tour, two participants sat down and shared some of the impacts that this College Tour had on their lives. Participant names have been changed. Jaimee is 18 and…

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Tenant Focus: Being Muslim in the Tenderloin

In the sunlit Curran House courtyard, 13-year old Nada Kaid sits with her mother, Nabihah. Muslims from Yemen, poorest of the Arab countries, they wear traditional dress.  Away from Curran House, it causes them some grief.  Nabihah’s chador is a black robe that covers all but her face and hands.  Nada wears separates of lighter…

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Families getting what they need to thrive – What TNDC is Providing for the Kids

Many of TNDC’s Tenderloin After-School Program parents are forced to raise their children in overcrowded housing with no access to outdoor play space, live in unsafe conditions, lack access to education and other resources, and face language and immigration barriers, among others. For these families, TASP is an invaluable resource: a safe place that helps…

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curtis bradford
Tenant Focus: Curtis Bradford (& Maggie Mae)

Maggie Mae doesn’t bat an eyelash. She lies on the floor in her tiny, but immaculate unit in the TNDC Alexander Residences on Eddy Street in the Tenderloin. The tranquil 4 1/2-year-old lap dog — black as the inside of a coal mine — takes a cue from her owner, Curtis Bradford, who has lived…

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maurice robinson
Tenant Focus: Maurice Robinson

By 2005, Maurice Robinson had become a triple threat — but not in a sports-star sort of way. His life in a one-bedroom flat in north Oakland, California — where he had lived for eight years — was about to implode. The wild ride that had fostered his drug and alcohol addiction eventually landed him…

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social impact calculator
What’s the impact of adding 100 affordable units of housing for families?

A new social impact calculator shows that adding just 100 new units of affordable housing for families delivers $22M in value back into the community, in the form of additional money spent on food, health care, and also as a vaccine against homelessness. This assumes that the housing is kept affordable for only 10 years.…

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A Note from the CEO regarding 951 Eddy Street

Dear Friends, Stakeholders, Employees, and Residents of TNDC: We've recently been asked by some of our friends about news reports surrounding a property at 951 Eddy Street that TNDC anticipates receiving from the San Francisco Housing Authority later this year. We're hoping to answer most of the questions we've heard below; should you have any…

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Partner Focus: Healthy Corner Store Coalition

There is no full-service grocery store in the Tenderloin, something more affluent neighborhoods take for granted. Corner stores fill some of the gap, but until recently most focused almost exclusively on liquor, cigarettes, soft drinks, and snacks. We are proud to partner with the Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition (TLHCSC) to change this. TLHCSC trains…

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Tenant Focus: Kathy Wolfe

Katherine “Kathy” Wolfe is more than a tenant at TNDC’s SOMA Apartments. A participant in leadership training provided through TNDC, Kathy serves as the President of the SOMA Residents Association. Kathy herself describes her journey from homeless to community leader as “an incredible ride.” Kathy lived for many years in SROs (single room occupancy) housing…

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