maurice robinson
Tenant Focus: Maurice Robinson

By 2005, Maurice Robinson had become a triple threat — but not in a sports-star sort of way. His life in a one-bedroom flat in north Oakland, California — where he had lived for eight years — was about to implode. The wild ride that had fostered his drug and alcohol addiction eventually landed him…

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social impact calculator
What’s the impact of adding 100 affordable units of housing for families?

A new social impact calculator shows that adding just 100 new units of affordable housing for families delivers $22M in value back into the community, in the form of additional money spent on food, health care, and also as a vaccine against homelessness. This assumes that the housing is kept affordable for only 10 years.…

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A Note from the CEO regarding 951 Eddy Street

Dear Friends, Stakeholders, Employees, and Residents of TNDC: We've recently been asked by some of our friends about news reports surrounding a property at 951 Eddy Street that TNDC anticipates receiving from the San Francisco Housing Authority later this year. We're hoping to answer most of the questions we've heard below; should you have any…

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Partner Focus: Healthy Corner Store Coalition

There is no full-service grocery store in the Tenderloin, something more affluent neighborhoods take for granted. Corner stores fill some of the gap, but until recently most focused almost exclusively on liquor, cigarettes, soft drinks, and snacks. We are proud to partner with the Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition (TLHCSC) to change this. TLHCSC trains…

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Tenant Focus: Kathy Wolfe

Katherine “Kathy” Wolfe is more than a tenant at TNDC’s SOMA Apartments. A participant in leadership training provided through TNDC, Kathy serves as the President of the SOMA Residents Association. Kathy herself describes her journey from homeless to community leader as “an incredible ride.” Kathy lived for many years in SROs (single room occupancy) housing…

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Franciscan Towers Before
Franciscan Towers Reopens in August 2015

Photo: Courtesy of Hoodline We are proud to announce the re-opening of Franciscan Towers at the corner of Eddy and Taylor. Originally acquired by TNDC in 1987 as housing for individuals and families, Franciscan Towers has been under redevelopment for four (4) years since a fire forced the evacuation of 125 residents. “The fire gave…

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The Hidden Cost of Housing Instability – Problems with Health and Wellness

We all know that the availability of affordable housing is at a crisis point here in San Francisco. Less well known is the pernicious effect housing instability has on people’s health and well being. Not having a stable place to call home can have a profoundly negative effect on people’s mental and physical health. Stress,…

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Aarti Hotel
Are SROs a Vanishing Breed?

Pictured: Lobby of TNDC's Aarti Hotel Much of the low-income housing in the Tenderloin is in the form of Single Room Occupancy (SRO) hotels also known as residential hotels. SRO hotels, often ranging from 200 to as little as 110 square feet, typically lack a kitchen, and often offer only shared bathrooms on each floor.…

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SF Affordable Housing Bond Campaign Launches

This November, San Francisco voters will have the chance to pass a $310 million bond for affordable housing — a key part of the broader $2.7 billion plan for funding affordable housing in San Francisco over the next 20 years. While the last two affordable housing bonds failed to get the needed two-thirds vote, SPUR…

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Recent Supreme Court Ruling on Fair Housing

Comments from Don Falk, CEO of Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corp. Something terribly important occurred when the Supreme Court ruled on fair housing four weeks ago. When combined with significant new research findings coming out of the work of Raj Cheddy of Harvard, it represents a potential sea change in our field in the coming decades.…

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