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Who We Are

A Mission-Driven, Value-Led Community

We're a mission-driven and values-led community of staff, tenants, community members, partners, fellow nonprofits, donors, and volunteers working together to build a future with economic and racial equity. Our values of Collaboration and Inclusion guide us to lead with community-defined goals and needs, and form meaningful partnerships and relationships to make lasting change in San Francisco and beyond.

Our values of Equity, Excellence, and Integrity guide us to constantly push ourselves, reevaluate our strategies and perspective, and uphold our commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization. 

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Tenants & Community Members

Building relationships with the people we serve to co-create strategies and solutions
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Partners & Other Nonprofit Organizations

Partnering with the City, vendors, and nonprofits to make the greatest impact
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Donors, Sponsors & Volunteers

Connecting with people who share our values to sustain our services and programming
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About TNDC

At TNDC, we believe that everyone deserves to thrive. Since 1981 we've supported residents and community members in building transformative communities by providing affordable homes with supportive services, wellness opportunities, and community advocacy. Over the course of 41 years, we’ve innovated supportive housing practices with onsite social workers and wellness programming that meet unique community needs and foster cultural inclusion and belonging. Today, over 6,300 people are housed across our 45 buildings and in a few years we will reach over 10,000 people.

Rooted in the Tenderloin with branches across seven San Francisco neighborhoods and growing, TNDC strives to work alongside communities and meet people where they're at. We believe that only together we can build a future with economic and racial equity.

Our Mission

TNDC develops community and provides affordable housing and services for people with low incomes in the Tenderloin and throughout San Francisco, to promote equitable access to opportunity and resources.

Our Vision Statement

We envision a world where everyone has a stable and safe place to call home. A world where housing is treated as a human right. A world where economic status, race, and other social identities do not determine where or how people can live. Where everyone has a meaningful voice in the decisions affecting them. Where future generations are better off than the ones preceding them.

Rooted in the Tenderloin

“TNDC is one of the anchor organizations in the Tenderloin, maybe even in the city.”

Rita Shimmin
Executive Director, GLIDE

“TNDC was visionary and ahead of its time. Because of its original vision, the Tenderloin is not experiencing the same level of gentrification as places like the Mission, Hayes Valley, and chunks of South of Market."

Brad Paul
Deputy Executive Director for Local Government Services, Metropolitan Transportation Commission and former TNDC Board Member

Our Values

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We enhance our impact by working together and with others. We create partnerships, solicit and respond to input, and share our knowledge.

A sign reads "Tenderloin Matters" in front of SF City Hall


We work to dismantle racial oppression and economic inequity at the interpersonal, organizational, and systemic levels.

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We recognize that our best work is that which we do in service to others. We continuously push ourselves to work hard, grow, and improve, and to produce high-quality work.

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We believe that all people have experiences and perspectives that are valuable. We create spaces and dialogues where everyone belongs and can participate and contribute.

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We strive to be honest, accountable, and transparent. We seek to stand as a model of ethical behavior.

Homes, Health & Voice

Our work is guided by a holistic understanding of Homes, Health, and Voice. Housing as essential to a person's health. Food as health. Sustainability as health and a voice for the environment. Social work as advocacy. Advocacy as essential to being able to build more homes and foster community health. Watch our animation to learn more about how our work in Homes, Health, and Voice come together.  

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Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization

We're committed to centering racial equity and transforming from within. We're committed to becoming an anti-racist organization by ensuring people of color are represented and valued at all levels of our organization, influencing policies that dismantle racist structures, and more.  

TNDC Theory of Change

Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change is TNDC's roadmap for how we will navigate toward our ultimate goal and remain accountable to our mission and the people we serve. 

Cover of TNDC's 2019 Strategic Plan, Group of diverse people with words "Homes Health Voice" above them

Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan was written for 2019, but Strategic Planning is a continuous process at TNDC. This document frames our work in terms of our mission, vision, values, and core beliefs. 

Old flyer stating "March to save the Tenderloin!"

Our History

TNDC has been rooted Tenderloin since 1981. TNDC formed in response to growing threats of gentrification as three luxury hotels eyed the neighborhood. TNDC moved from a grassroots organization into one of the country's leading community development nonprofits and supportive housing providers.