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Equal Housing Opportunity Statement


Section 504 Equal Access Statement

TNDC promotes equal affordable housing opportunities to all people regardless of race or ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, age, disability, HIV/AIDS status or place of current residence. Please note that anyone applying for housing is required to provide a variety of documentation, including picture identification, social security number, or proof of employment. And that only eligible applicants will be placed.

For mobility-impaired persons, this document is kept in the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation’s (TNDC) Management Company office at 149 Taylor Street; San Francisco, CA 94102. Documents may be examined from Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM. You must phone to make arrangements to examine this document. Please call (415) 776-2151. People with hearing loss, dial 7-1-1.

For vision-impaired persons, TNDC will provide a staff person to assist a vision-impaired person in reviewing this document. Assistance may include: describing the contents of the document, reading the document or sections of the document, or providing such other assistance as may be needed to permit the contents of the document to be communicated to the person with vision impairments. 

For hearing-impaired persons, TNDC will provide assistance in reviewing this document. Assistance may include provision of a qualified interpreter at a time convenient to both the Property and the individual with disability. People with hearing loss, dial 7-1-1.

Assistance to ensure equal access to this document will be provided in a confidential manner and setting. The individual with disabilities is responsible for providing his/her own transportation to and from the location where this document is kept.

If an individual with disabilities is involved, all hearings or meetings required by this document will be conducted at an accessible location with appropriate assistance provided.


TNDC does not discriminate on the basis of disabled status in the admission or access to housing, services, or treatment or employment in, its federally assisted programs or activities. 

Allycia Cornett is the Section 504 Coordinator who has been designated to coordinate compliance with the nondiscrimination requirements contained in the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s regulations implementing Section 504 (24 CFR Part 8, dated June 2, 1988). 

Allycia Cornett, Section 504 Coordinator
Phone (415) 358-3939
Fax (628)221-2368
E-mail: acornett@tndc.org