Photo of Suzanne Tucker, TNDC Donor
TNDC Planned Giving Spotlight: Suzanne Tucker

Carrying on a Mother’s Legacy

Suzanne Tucker shares why she includes TNDC in her estate planning.

A longtime supporter, Suzanne Tucker attended her first Celebrity Pool Toss with a friend and fell in love with the annual fundraiser. Over time, she took a closer look at TNDC and was won over by our mission as well. Recent events in her family prompted her to draw up estate plans, which would include provisions for charitable organizations she and her family believe in. “I look for programs to assist that are community-based, widely supported by the community and successful in their mission. TNDC scores on all these points.”

Suzanne’s principles are clearly informed by her mother, who was part of the “Greatest Generation,” believing that each of us has a responsibility toward the well-being of our community and a role to play in it. When her mother passed away last year, Suzanne wanted to make sure her own philanthropy honored her mother’s values as well as her own. She established a trust which provides income for her husband during his lifetime, but in which the principal will ultimately benefit TNDC, along with her nephew and another charity.

Originally, Suzanne began her career in social services and holds strong beliefs about what works. She states, “To be effective, it’s important to intervene at the individual level, and TNDC excels at this.” Supportive housing provides a foundation that enhances people’s dignity, which in turn allows individuals to resolve the deeper things that are holding them back. Ultimately the goal is to help people fulfill their greater life’s purpose.

Suzanne creates eye-catching designs as the founder of One Stop Graphics, a full service marketing and graphic design firm that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. She is glad to remain a TNDC supporter and is already looking forward to the next Pool Toss, “clearly the most fun-raising event ever!”

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