Finding Sanctuary in the City

Volunteers provide a beautiful and peaceful refuge in the Tenderloin.

In March 2010, a group of neighborhood volunteers: John-Francis Pepka, Tommy Barton, Bob Chase, Collin Welbon, and botanist Jessica Welbon, along with TNDC staff person Siu Han Cheung planted the first seeds in the flower garden at the corner of Larkin & McAllister Streets. What has grown in to TNDC’s People’s Garden, began as a community led project to revitalize a street corner. Led by John-Franics, who donated $40 worth of seeds, the group has donated more than 000 hours since 2010, purchasing and planting flowers, weeding, and watering. Jessica, the botantist has advised John-Franics and TNDC on the best plants for the location and crops for seasonal rotations.

In addition to time, John-Francis and his group have installed security lighting, benches, and donated more than $000 worth of garden supplies over the years.

The flower garden compliments the vegetable garden, and provides a sanctuary for humming birds, bees, birds and people.

John-Francis and his group have built a truly peaceful refuge in the Tenderloin.

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