2017 Tossees

Nancy Andrews
CEO, Low Income Investment Fund

Why I’m taking the plunge

“TNDC makes a huge difference in the lives of homeless families and kids. Help me reach my goal of $25,000 to make a big splash on October 11!”

The Conley Family (Steve, Chip, and Anne)
Co-Owners of the Phoenix Hotel and Pool Toss Founders

Why we’re taking the plunge

“TNDC’s TASP helps kids and teens achieve their academic dreams. We’re glad to help make that happen.”

Bill Feyling
Executive Director, Carpenters 46 Northern California

Why I’m taking the plunge

“I was raised in SF so I’m proud to take the plunge to support this awesome program that provides a safe place for kids in the ♥ of the City!”

Hon. Mark Leno

Why I’m taking the plunge

“This event is so special to me.  I knew I would be tapped at some point to participate and it is an honor to go all-out to raise funds for the kids of TNDC.”

Laura Pfaff and Jim Losi
Longtime Pool Toss Co-Chairs

Why we’re taking the plunge

“It’s what we do!”

Jessica Silverman
Owner, Jessica Silverman Gallery

 Why I’m taking the plunge

“As a Tenderloin business owner, it feels good to support the community I work in every day through TNDC’s fun platform!”

Rich Tran
Mayor, City of Milpitas

Why I’m taking the plunge

“I am honored to help make a big splash for Tenderloin kids & families.”

Carlie Wilmans
Executive Director, The 500 Capp Street Foundation

Why I’m taking the plunge

“I am enormously impressed with TNDC and proud to get soaked to raise money in support of Tenderloin families.”

The Women of Pixar II


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