Tenant Qualifications

Are you making an annual household income that is below 40% of the Area Median Income in San Francisco?
Or a yearly income between $15,000-$30,000 per year?
If so, then you may qualify for TNDC’s supportive and affordable housing.

Rental qualifications vary by building.
Call the TNDC Housing Hotline to find out what is available and to learn more.

TNDC Housing Hotline

(415) 358-3938


The vast majority of our residents have monthly incomes below $1,000

In addition to TNDC’s large family and senior populations, we also house many people who have obstacles in their lives to overcome – including formerly homeless members of society recovering from drug abuse or mental illness, those living with a disability or a life-threatening illness like AIDS, or youth emancipated from the foster care system. They are people at the lowest end of the economic scale.

Who are our extremely low-income residents?

  • They are the working poor who make your coffee, bus tables at restaurants, clean hotel rooms, and wash your car.
  • The elderly poor, retired after a lifetime of work who are able to maintain independent living in our buildings.
  • Children, often with single parents.
  • People who are disabled, or who are making the transition from public assistance to re-entering the workforce, or who are trying to maintain dignity in the face of a serious physical illness.
  • People trying to put their lives back together after being left homeless by fire, personal tragedy, addiction, or a lost job. For some of our residents, TNDC housing will be home for a long time. For others, TNDC is a stepping stone to very different lives.


They are people at the lowest end of the economic scale

  • 70% have annual incomes at or below $14,000.
  • Roughly 50% rely primarily on fixed benefit checks for income, primarily SSI/SSA at $9,000-12,000 per year.


They are San Francisco’s poorest residents

  • Total Households = 2,350
  • Extremely Low: Up to $ 21,650* (85.5%)
  • Very Low: Up to $ 36,050* (9%)
  • Low: Up to $ 57,700* (5.5%)

*Annual incomes for a single individual according to Mayor’s Office of Housing income limits. Qualifications adjusted based on household size.


They are a diverse mix of backgrounds and cultures

  • 600 seniors are living independently with supportive services.
  • 500 residents have disabilities or special needs.
  • 240 people are formerly homeless, including some in families. • 200 individuals have a mental illness diagnosis.
  • 120 are children, many of whom live with single parents.
  • 100 self-identified people are living with HIV/AIDS.

Resident Ethnicity


African American



Native American

Mixed Race

Not shown: “Other” = 4%
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