680 More San Franciscans Have a Place to Call Home

Because of your support, 680 people found a new beginning this year. 

With the completion of 1036 Mission Street and 626 Mission Bay Boulevard a few months ago, 226 brand new homes opened for families living below the poverty line.

Out of those 226 homes, 67 were dedicated to families who experienced homelessness.

Thanks to you, many families moved into their first stable home in years!

When helping residents sign their lease, KC Cavness, General Manager at 1036 Mission, was moved by everyone’s story. Almost every resident of 1036 Mission had a personal history of living on San Francisco’s streets or in shelters.

One resident was in tears of appreciation because she had spent the previous night sleeping on BART with nowhere else to go.

Now, she has a home, because of your generosity.

After receiving her keys, she spent the first few days just sleeping. For the first time in months, she had a safe place to sleep and no longer needed to stay awake at night for protection.

KC reflected on another family she helped move in. A family, which despite all four adults working, could only afford a studio.

Thanks to you, they can now afford a three-bedroom apartment.

Families at both buildings are growing more comfortable with their newfound stability and have started building a new life with the help of onsite social workers.

Many just enjoyed their first holiday season in their new home.

Our dedicated building staff decorated and hosted holiday parties at both buildings. These parties are a vital part of keeping spirits high during a challenging time of year.

“It’s very rewarding being able to house people,” said KC.

This work is also very humbling. We can’t forget that 5,000 people applied to the 83 homes at 1036 Mission. The need for more affordable homes is great, and we can use all the help we can get.

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