25 Years of TASP Fun Facts
Krish at TASP in 2017
Krish at TASP in 2011

TASP has helped over 5,000 kids grow in the last 25 years!

1. We’ve had over 300 dedicated and compassionate volunteer tutors in the past 25 years.

2. Partners of TASP have donated 21,875 holiday gifts to kids in the Tenderloin.

3. For 25 years, volunteer Janice Gonsalves has provided sandwich supplies and made over 30,000 sandwiches for TASP kids.

4. Kids at TASP speak ten different languages.

5. TASP’s pet turtle, Turtleneck, is 59 years old. Turtleneck was the TASP Program Manager Denise Obrero’s sister’s pet turtle in the 1980s until he was brought to TASP in 1994.

6. The top three games at TASP are Mancala, Spot It, and Speed.

7. In 1993, Vietnamese was the most common non-English language spoken at TASP. Now, Arabic and Farsi are the most common.

8. Escape From New York Pizza has donated 4,900 pizzas over the last 25 years.

9. Barney the Dinosaur was at TASP’s grand opening in August 1993.

10. The oldest original participant is now 37 years old. Past participants regularly sign up their children for TASP and continue the legacy.

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