Aarti Hotel
Are SROs a Vanishing Breed?

Pictured: Lobby of TNDC’s Aarti Hotel

Much of the low-income housing in the Tenderloin is in the form of Single Room Occupancy (SRO) hotels also known as residential hotels. SRO hotels, often ranging from 200 to as little as 110 square feet, typically lack a kitchen, and often offer only shared bathrooms on each floor. As a by-product of their small size, SROs serve as housing as last resort for those who do not have the means to put down a security deposit or afford a studio apartment. Between 1975 and 1988, San Francisco lost 43% of its low-cost residential hotels as a total of 1500 SRO units were demolished or converted to condos. Since 1981, TNDC has worked to nurture and restore SROs as affordable housing for very-low and low-income individuals and families. Currently, our portfolio of buildings include nine (9) residential hotels, providing around 1200 housing units.

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