Sally Carlson’s Donation Brightens Back-to-School Day

Current donor and former TNDC Board Member Sally Carlson knows that back-to-school is one of the most exciting and stressful times of the year for families. And especially for families with limited budgets, back-to-school can mean choosing between the essentials and purchasing new clothing, notebooks, and backpacks.

To help families focus on what’s most important, TASP holds an annual school supply giveaway. This year, amongst the Frozen notebooks and rainbow pens were an assortment of brand new backpacks donated by Sally.

Having supported TNDC for over twenty years, Sally considers TASP one of her favorite parts of TNDC’s services. “Given the number of families and kids in the Tenderloin,” Sally commented, “TASP meets an incredible need in the neighborhood.”

Admittedly a big fan of funky backpacks, Sally totes around a blue camouflage backpack (with an attached fluffy ball charm) to brighten her day. She hopes the brand new backpacks will make school and learning a little more fun for TASP kids.

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