Saul Falcone is not your average fourteen-year-old basketball-player and poet. He is also TNDC’s youngest donor.

Earlier this year, Saul decided that instead of receiving gifts for his Bar Mitzvah, he would raise money for TNDC. With the support of his family and community, he was able to donate an incredible $1,029 to make home possible in San Francisco.

Saul is deeply committed to tzedaka, which translates to “justice” in Hebrew. Like many who practice tzedaka, Saul wanted to help those struggling to make ends meet.

“I feel that I have all that I need at this point in time and there are so many out there who need it more than me,” Saul shared.

Rabbi Katie Mizrahi of Or Shalom Jewish Community has known the Falcone family for more than a decade. She described Saul’s symbolic choice to fundraise for his Bar Mitzvah.

“People often use a misleading shorthand about Bar Mitzvahs, saying it means ‘becoming a Jewish adult.’ We know that’s not entirely true, yet at this milestone, a person is capable of knowing right from wrong. Saul’s decision to give his Bar Mitzvah gifts to a cause he cares about is an exemplary moral choice that I wish more people would make at any age.”

We sincerely thank Saul and his community for sharing the belief that everyone deserves a home.

If you’re interested in raising money for affordable housing in San Francisco, reach out to Julie Doherty, jdoherty@tndc.org.

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