Partner Focus: Dolby Laboratories, INC

In 2014, Dolby relocated its headquarters to 1275 Market Street in the mid-market area adjacent to the Tenderloin.

Eager to learn more about their neighborhood and how Dolby could help make it an even better place to live and work, the community relations team at Dolby volunteered its employees to work at the Tenderloin People’s Community Garden.
This experience sparked a deeper discussion about how Dolby and TNDC could work together to make a difference to the family and children of the Tenderloin.
Today, we are proud to say that Dolby is one of our premier corporate partners. Dolby employees volunteer at the Tenderloin Sunday Streets program and at the People’s Community Garden. Grants from Dolby enables us to provide holiday gifts for families with children at Curran House and defrayed the cost of the 2015 summer college tour for teens from Tenderloin After-school Program.

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