Resident Profile: Teodora Gomez

Teodora “Auring” Gomez comes from a family of 10 in the Philippines whose Christmas was an excitable celebration with lots of food. tndc-teodora-200x200

More than 50 relatives streamed through their smallish house for two days. Auring cooked continuously, including the ever-favorite Pancit, the long noodle dish reputed to bring long life. The role delighted her.

“I was happy (that) all my friends and family were enjoying the food,” she says modestly.

That feeling has been with her since she arrived in the U.S. at age 47. For 29 years at the Alexander Residence, she has been that dependable, cheerful volunteer making things available for everyone.

“Ask for help,” says grateful social worker Betty Duran, “and she’s the first to volunteer. It’s been going on many, many years.”
A beautiful lady with a charming smile,
Auring’s driven by initiative. Seeing
something that needs doing, she gets up and does it. She volunteers Monday mornings at the Food Bank’s drop to arrange items in the community room and helps distribute them to 140 of her fellow residents. At the monthly TGIF party, with 2-3 helpers she’ll take charge of the snacks for around 35 people. For the Halloween party she’ll wrap, package and hand out candies. And at building meetings, guess who helps prepare food to serve.

“And she’s like a Boy Scout,” Duran teases, “always prepared.”

For Christmas she’ll be in the kitchen hovering over hams and Costco chickens, fixing potato salad and much more. It’s a three-hour stint that includes the kitchen cleanup.

“I’m happy to help other people and serve the building,” she says. “It’s my home.”

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