Supporting Healthier Food Options in the Tenderloin

Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition Shopping Guide helps neighbors take control of their health.

On July 11, 2013 the Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition (of which TNDC is a member) held their Community Report Back Meeting and released the findings of their corner store assessments. More than 120 Tenderloin residents attended the event at the community room at 201 Turk Street. In addition to distributing the Shopping Guide, attendees also participated in a mapping exercise: by placing dots on where they feel safe shopping in the Tenderloin and where they would like to see a healthy store.

Click here for a PDF copy of the Shopping Guide!

Supervisor Mar and Supervisor Kim’s Aide Sunny Angulo were also present to talk about the Healthy Retail Incentives Program that was introduced to the Land Use Committee on Monday July 22nd. The Alleviating Antipsychotic Induced Metabolic Syndrome (AAIMS) Project catered the event with fresh kale salad and a sweet potato vegetarian chili. They distributed recipe cards to everyone in attendance.

Within the past year, the Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition’s (TLHCSC) resident Food Justice Leaders and the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s (SFDPH) Feeling Good Project visited over 70 food stores in the Tenderloin. Stores were assessed using the TLHCSC Healthy Retail Standards and rated on the types and quality of food sold, product placement, cleanliness and safety, amount & type of advertisements, consumer education, and fair labor. The rating system is based on a 4 star scale.

Since there is no full service grocery store in the neighborhood, the goal of this shopping guide is to highlight local food stores that sell healthy everyday groceries within the Tenderloin.

The next steps for the Coalition will be to analyze the community input and begin to cross reference it with the store assessments and merchant surveys in order to identify the top store from the 53 that were assessed. The Coalition will then begin to work with that store to create a healthy food section.

TNDC’s staff representative on the Coalition, Ryan Thayer is optimistic about the long-term benefits to the neighborhood by improving the quality of food sold in neighborhood markets, “The success of this project has been due to the high level of community support and participation. There is a demand in the community to have direct access to healthy, fresh, and affordable food. Through a survey of over 640 residents we found that people are spending about half their monthly food budget, or roughly $50 a month, in other areas of The City. If we extrapolate this to the over 17,000 households here, that’s over $900,000 a month that could be directed towards our local businesses.”

The Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition meets every 4th Thursday of the month from 3-4pm at Kelly Cullen Community on 220 Golden Gate. Community members are welcome to attend Coalition meetings.

For more information about TNDC’s participation in the Healthy Corner Store Coalition, contact Ryan Thayer at

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