TASP in their own words:TNDC’s after-school participants create video documentary.

Over 12 weeks in the spring and summer of 2013, five TASP teens worked on a documentary video with TASP staff and instructors from TILT (part of Ninth Street Independent Film Center). This project was designed as a youth leadership development project and was in honor of the TASP 20th Anniversary in August. This was a great opportunity for the teens to learn the history of TASP and some fundamentals of video making and media literacy through hands-on training in video production. The teens had to work both collaboratively and independently throughout the project. They had to make decisions about the overall direction of the video and what they wanted to include. They conducted interviews, created an outline of 20 years of TASP history, and spent several hours editing the footage. The teens worked hard on the documentary and are very proud of the end result. We hope you enjoy this video.

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