The Hidden Cost of Housing Instability – Problems with Health and Wellness

We all know that the availability of affordable housing is at a crisis point here in San Francisco. Less well known is the pernicious effect housing instability has on people’s health and well being.
Not having a stable place to call home can have a profoundly negative effect on people’s mental and physical health. Stress, anxiety, even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can result. Those who lack stability in their housing also are significantly less likely to seek prompt medical care for health conditions, leading to a higher rate of hospitalization and greater need for acute care.
Many of TNDC’s residents come to us after years of housing instability and in poor health. Augmenting the stability TNDC offers with its affordable housing, TNDC:

  • Partners with the Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition to ensure corner stores in the neighborhood provide fresh fruit, vegetables and other necessities of a healthy diet.
  • Distributes fresh fruit and vegetables provided by the SF -Marin Food Bank and others. With community residents, we grow our own produce through the TNDC’s Tenderloin People’s Garden and the four (4) rooftop gardens in place at TNDC properties; food is distributed to the volunteers who help grow it.
  • Assists seniors, who comprise more than 40% of our residents, to age in place. For example, we install grab bars in our buildings and work to prevent falls by providing training on maintaining balance.
  • Situates social workers onsite at most of our buildings, to offer voluntary services to residents.
  • Provides after-school care programming to children and youth through TNDC’s TASP—Tenderloin After School Program.

These programs showcase the importance we put on health and wellness here at TNDC. We look forward to the day when zip code does not matter when it comes to health and wellness

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