Protest Photo in Sacramento
TNDC Residents Make Their Voices Heard in Sacramento

Community Organizing Department Mobilizes 100 Residents to Protest Cuts in Affordable Housing Funds

On February 15, 2011 more than 100 TNDC residents traveled to Sacramento, along with hundreds more from around the state, to protest the elimination of over $1 billion in funding for affordable housing. Seniors, immigrants, and longtime Tenderloin SRO residents all jumped on buses to visit the steps of the state capitol and rally support for affordable housing. Afterward, residents entered a meeting of state legislators where policy makers discussed the fate of one of California’s largest sources of affordable housing funds. Residents made sure to pack the room and demonstrate that our community is listening to what they have to say.

At the rally, the Tenderloin community and TNDC were well represented. Two of TNDC’s staff, Siu Cheung and Lorenzo Listana, stepped up to the podium to speak to the crowd.

“I am a formerly homeless person who lives and works in San Francisco. I work as an Activities Coordinator at TNDC, but still cannot afford market-rate rent, and I have to live in illegal housing with my family. I worry everyday because that housing is unsafe,” said Siu, a longtime San Francisco resident.

“Governor Brown’s proposal to eliminate the Redevelopment Agency and the $1.1 billion funding for affordable housing construction will greatly affect low-income communities. This proposal will result in skyrocketing housing costs, increase unemployment, and exacerbate homelessness,” said Lorenzo Listana. Lorenzo and his family are residents of TNDC’s Curran House.

Both Siu and Lorenzo spoke toward the critical need for affordable housing and led the crowd of 500 in chanting: “Affordable Housing, Protect! Protect! Protect!” in English, Cantonese and Tagalog, delivering a clear message to reform, not eliminate the Redevelopment Agency and to preserve $1 billion for affordable homes.

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