social impact calculator
What’s the impact of adding 100 affordable units of housing for families?

A new social impact calculator shows that adding just 100 new units of affordable housing for families delivers $22M in value back into the community, in the form of additional money spent on food, health care, and also as a vaccine against homelessness. This assumes that the housing is kept affordable for only 10 years. A longer useful life – ups the benefits dramatically.

The calculator is brand new, a bit dense to understand, but makes intuitive sense. Here at TNDC, we know that when people move into affordable housing it frees up discretionary income they can spend elsewhere in the community, on food, school supplies, and health care. These expenditures throw off dividends in reducing dependency on social services elsewhere in the system. It’s virtuous circle that work.

If you like numbers, we encourage you to learn more here:

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