Dalt Hotel

Dalt Hotel


34 Turk Street; SF, CA 94102

Affordable Housing Opportunity / Equal Housing Opportunity

APPLICATION PERIOD Was March 31st, 2017 – April 14th, 2017

Lottery Results Pending Lottery on 05/05/2017:

Application, Marketing Flyer, Selection Criteria and Lottery Information below:

Dalt Hotel – 34 Turk Street – Dalt Hotel, along with three other Tenderloin SRO hotels, represented two decades of neighborhood organizing by TNDC, other nonprofits, and various stakeholders to prevent the displacement of low-income residents. TNDC acquired the project from its previous owner and preserved the 179 SRO units as permanent, affordable housing for extremely low-income working adults, seniors, and disabled persons. 44 units are subsidized by the HUD Section 8 Project Based Voucher program. The building’s rehabilitation, financed by the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, Affordable Housing Program, and tax credits, was completed in 2004 and included a seismic retrofit, façade renovation, sidewalk repairs, life and safety code upgrades, building systems upgrades, and unit renovations. The ground floor was renovated to provide a larger lobby, new community room, and new service offices for residents, as well as two storefront commercial spaces for neighborhood-serving uses. In addition, the basement was redesigned to provide a new laundry facility, community room, and community kitchen for residents.


Dalt Hotel




  34 Turk Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Year Built

  1916, Rehabbed 2004

Type of Units

  Non-Subsidized Affordable Housing Units

Units Available

  123 – RSC & AFHMP – Dalt Hotel 2017 – (Translations available below)

Number of Bedrooms/Bathrooms

  178 SRO Units

  100 SRO Units with Full Bath (Shower Stall, Bathtub or Roll-In Shower)


(24-ADA accessibility features, 6-ADA Visual Hearing Accessible)

Square Footage

  126-268 square feet

Accessible Units

Applicants needing these features will be given preference over applicants who do not indicate a need. These needs will be verified via third-party with a licensed medical professional following TNDC’s Reasonable Accommodation & Modification Policies & Procedures.









*Applications received after the application deadline will not be accepted*

Applications accepted from Friday, March 31st, 2017 @ 8:30 AM through Wednesday, April 14th, 2016 – 5:00 PM

At TNDC’s Property Management Office – 215 Taylor Street; San Francisco, CA 94102 between the hours of 8:30 AM-5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

  • All Applications must be returned to 215 Taylor Street
    • Upon receipt Management will time & date stamp and provide application raffle/lottery ticket.
  • All household members may appear on only one application per listing.
    • All applications containing any person who appears on more than one application will be removed from the lottery.

***No applications are accepted via email or fax***

If you need application assistance or information about available housing resources please refer to the organizations listed in the SF Housing Resource Guide by clicking here: www.sfmohcd.org/san-francisco-housing-resource-guide

Information Sessions




  Date & Time: Friday, May 5, 2017 @ 10:30 AM

  Location:  220 Golden Gate Ave; 2nd Floor Auditorium; SF, CA 94102

  Applicants do not need to be present at the lottery. Results will be posted 5/12/2017

Lottery Preferences


   ** All individuals and households may enter the lottery **

  Preference given to applicants in the following order:

  1. Certificate of Preference Program;

However, those households in which one member holds a Certificate of Preference (COP) from the former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency will be given highest preference in the lottery ranking process. More information about the COP Program can be found here: http://sfmohcd.org/certificate-preference

  2.  Displaced Tenant Housing Preference Program

Households in which one member holds a Displaced Tenant Housing Preference (DTHP) Certificate from the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development will be given second highest preference in the lottery ranking process, for up to 20% of the units in this project (insert number of units here). DTHP certificate holders will also be included in the live/work preference regardless of their current live/work location. More information about the DTHP Program can be found here: http://sfmohcd.org/displaced-tenant-housing-preference-program-0

  3. Live or Work in San Francisco

Households that submit acceptable documentation that at least one member lives or works in San Francisco will be given the third highest preference in the lottery ranking process.

If the number of units available exceeds the number of qualified applicants in the above listed preference, the units will become available to other qualified applicants outside of San Francisco. Applicants in each preference category must meet program requirements in order to complete the sale or rental.

For more information about the lottery process and housing preferences, please refer to the MOHCD Housing Preferences and Lottery Procedures Manual.

Minimum Income

  Household income must equal at least 2 times monthly rent

Maximum Income

  1 Person Household – $ 36,200 – $ 47,700

Tenant Rent

  SRO unit rent ranges from $678- $707

Project Based Section 8 and VASH Units are 30% of Adjusted Household Income

Move-In Deposit

  1 Month Tenant Rent

Minimum Occupants

  1 person

Maximum Occupants

  1 persons


  No Parking Available

Building Paid Utilities

  Electricity, Water, Sewer and Trash are paid by the building.

Tenant Paid Utilities

  Tenants pay own utility bills for Cable, Phone, and Internet.

Special Notes

TNDC will create a waitlist for this property. All applications received by the application deadline will be placed into the lottery. Applicants on the current waitlist will be placed above applicants chosen from this lottery according to the preferences. Exactly 500 lottery numbers will be placed on the waitlist.

Accessible Units:

Should a unit become available that includes special accessibility features, applicants needing these features will be given preference over applicants who do not indicate a need. These needs will be verified via third-party with a licensed medical professional following TNDC’s Reasonable Accommodation & Modification Policies & Procedures.

Building Selection Criteria

Applicants must qualify under the rules of the building:

Ability to pay rent standard: 2 times monthly rent

Credit Standard: Not Applicable

Rental History Standard:  No Eviction in past three (3) years or no more than two (2) in five (5) years.

Criminal History Standard: Qualified applicants with criminal history will be considered for housing in compliance with Article 49 of the San Francisco Police Code: Fair Chance Ordinance.




  • Dalt Hotel – Lottery Application 2017
    •  Translations Available Per MOHCD Language Access Plan:
      • MOHCD – Chinese Lottery App
      • MOHCD – Spanish Lottery App
      • MOHCD – Tagalog Lottery App

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