626 Mission Bay Family Housing – CLOSED

626 Mission Bay Family Housing

626 Mission Bay Boulevard; SF, CA 94158

Affordable Housing Opportunity / Equal Housing Opportunity


     Thursday, May 1, 2018 through Thursday, May 22nd, 2018

Lottery Results Will Be Posted At: https://housing.sfgov.org/

Application, Marketing Flyer, Selection Criteria and Lottery Information below:

This project has been designed to fulfill the Mission Bay Design for Development and
responds urbanistically to the challenges of the site. Located in the Mission Bay, 1300 Fourth
Street, also known as Mission Bay Block 6E (MB6E) and 626 Mission Bay Boulevard North
(626 MBBN), is a 143 residential unit, 10,000 square foot retail and 41 above ground parking
structure. The 5 story building will include 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units for households earning
50% AMI and to help meet San Francisco’s Ten Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness,
twenty percent of units to be set aside for formerly homeless families, earning no more than
30% AMI. 15 units will have ADA/mobility features, including 7 with roll-in showers and 6
have communication features for the hearing/visually impaired.
Building amenities include multiple interior courtyards, tiered children’s play court and
separate quiet courtyard, a community room and multipurpose room (both with warming
kitchen areas), on-site property management, social workers and manager’s unit.
Additionally, the project’s green strategy focuses to the elements most meaningful to TNDC
and residents. They include, efficient HVAC systems to surpass 2013 state energy code
requirements, Solar pre-heat for hot water, Energy Star appliances, interior materials and
finishes selected for durability, ease of maintenance, Low VOC and formaldehyde finishes,
resilient flooring’s, low-flow fixtures, and irrigation meters (separate) to reduce water use.

Occupancy Preferences

PreferenceApplicant Category
1Certificate of Preference Program (COP)
2Displaced Tenant Housing Preference Program (DTHP)
3Live or Work in San Francisco Preference (L/W)
4Members of the General Public
  • Certificate of Preference Program (COP)

Preference will be given to Certificate of Preference holders who were displaced in the 1960’s and early 1970’s by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.  City & County of San Francisco’s Mayor’s Office of Housing & Community Development administers this program and MOHCD will verify such Certificate of Preference holders.


  • Displaced Tenant Housing Preference Program (DTHP)

Preference will be given to Displaced Tenant Housing Preference Certificate holders who have been displaced or at risk of displacement due to withdrawal of their housing unit from the rental market by an Ellis Act or Owner Move In eviction.  TNDC will verify Certificate holders with the City & County of San Francisco’s Mayor’s Office of Housing & Community Development who administers this program. The DTHP Preference applies to up to 20%  (22 units) of affordable units.


  • Live or Work in San Francisco Preference (L/W)

Preference will be given to households when at least one household member either lives or works in San Francisco.  Applicants must submit proof with their application in order to claim this preference.

 Applicants will be required to indicate on their application if they believe they qualify for a preference, and must submit documented proof along with their application submission. Failure to provide proof may result in the preference not being granted. MOHCD staff will confirm all Certificate of Preference and Displaced Tenant Housing Preference holders.  See the MOHCD Housing Preferences and Lottery Procedures Manual for Operational Rules for information about housing preferences.


Notes regarding preferences:

  • Only one household member must be eligible for a preference for the household to receive the preference.
  • If eligibility for a preference cannot be verified or acceptable documentation to prove eligibility for a preference is not submitted, your household will not receive the preference for which you indicate eligibility (you will not be otherwise penalized).
  • Accessible Units

Should a unit become available that includes special accessibility features, applicants needing these features will be given preference over applicants who do not indicate a need.  These needs will be verified via third-party with a licensed medical professional following TNDC’s Reasonable Accommodation & Modification Policies & Procedures.


Posting Date05/01/2018
Type  of Unit(s)Affordable Family Housing  Opportunity
Building Name626 Mission Bay Family Housing
Project ID2014-002
Photo URLhttp://www.tndc.oro/1300fourthleasino
Year Built2018
NeighborhoodMission Bay South
Application Contact Person and AddressSarah Couch

232 Eddy Street

San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone(415) 776- 2151
Application deadlineMay 22,2018   5:00PM

*Applications received after the application deadline will not be accepted* Applications received after the deadline  will not be accepted.

Open  House Dates  (if applicable)N/A


1st Session: Tuesday, May 8, 2018

                        5:00 PM – TBD;

                        220 Golden Gate Avenue; Auditorium

                        San Francisco, CA 94102

2nd Session: Thursday, May 17, 2018

                        2:00 PM – TBD;

                        220 Golden Gate Avenue; Auditorium

                        San Francisco, CA 94102



The building will  be fully  accessible to persons  with disabilities. 10% of the units  will be designed  to be fully  accessible to persons  with  disabilities and

100% of the units will be adaptable.



Multiple  Interior  courtyards, tiered  children’s play court  and separate  quiet courtyard, community room  with  warming kitchen,  multipurpose room  with

warming kitchen,  laundry  facilities and 10,000 square  feet of neighborhood retail.

Parking34 spots  are available by lottery  at no additional charge.

Total Parking Spaces: 34

Car Share Spaces: 2


Lottery Rank Order: 13

Set Aside for Reasonable  Accommodations: 11

Accessible Spaces: 2



1.   Lottery  Rank:  offer parking spots in lottery  rank .

2. Reasonable  Accommodation: allow applicants to submit a reasonable accommodation with 3rd party verification to obtain a parking  spot. If any parking spots  left after lease-up is completed then contact  households in lottery  rank order to see if they are interested in a parking  spot.



No Application Fee



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