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Announcement from TNDC Board President


Announcement from TNDC Board President

Dated 11.24.2021

Dear Friends of TNDC, 

On behalf of the TNDC Board, I’d like to announce some bittersweet news. Due to unexpected personal reasons, Walter Harris, TNDC’s CEO, has decided to step down. In his place, we’re excited to welcome Maurilio León (él/he/him), starting on Monday, 12/13.

While change is natural, it can also be challenging. That’s why we are immensely thankful for your continued support and partnership through this period of transition. Because of you, our staff, and the community we serve, we know how strong TNDC is and will step boldly into the next phase of our organization.

With Maurilio’s considerable experience in affordable housing, compassion, and authenticity, we have full confidence that TNDC can have an even bigger impact in the community, San Francisco, and world at large.

I am humbled and proud to have the opportunity to lead the organization,” said Maurilio. “TNDC’s strong leadership team and hundreds of dedicated employees serving across the organization ensures that it is well-positioned to build on the tremendous momentum of the past few years, particularly the programming, services and place-based strategy for housing development.”

Maurilo has more than 22 years of professional experience, including over a decade working in the nonprofit sector for affordable housing, and community and economic development, six years serving in local government, and nearly seven years working in banking and financial services. Most recently he served as Chief Operating Officer of Community Housing Opportunities Corporation.

Maurilio grew up in a migrant farmworker family and has benefited from several programs like Migrate Education and the federal TRIO programs. He is an avid supporter of creating opportunities for individuals and working families. With a mission-driven mindset and lived experience, he is committed to fostering a transparent, compassionate TNDC culture rooted in cultural humility and racial equity.

Thank you for your continued dedication and enthusiasm to TNDC’s mission and vision. We look forward to introducing you to Maurilio and continuing on our path towards transformational change. 

In community,

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Tiffany Bohee (she/her)
TNDC Board President