Octavia RS&U

TNDC is pleased to announce its selection by the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development to develop, own, and manage a new project in Hayes Valley called Octavia RS&U.  This project will offer 103 homes across three buildings along Octavia Boulevard. The three parcels of land that make up Octavia RS&U were formerly associated with the Central Freeway, which was damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and ultimately torn down.  The City dedicated the remaining parcels of land to affordable housing and identified each by a letter. We won parcels R, S, and U.

Octavia RS&U will include 30 will be for Transitional Aged Youth (or “TAY”), and 73 for families and adults with low-incomes.  The project includes a top-floor community room, outdoor space, laundry, safe bike storage, maintenance facilities room, property management office and services office.   TNDC will the Tenant Services Provider.  The TAY residents will live in the building at Parcel U and our long-time partner, Larkin Street Youth Services (“Larkin Street”), will provide them with support. To better serve the TAY population, this building will also include a “TAY suite” on the second floor: two onsite offices for Larkin Street and their own additional adjacent community room. The ground-floor retail will be an affordable childcare provider, available to the tenants and the community.

Population: 73 for families and adults with low-incomes, 30 for Transitional Aged Youth
Unit Mix: 103
Completion Date: TBD

Our Role: Developer, Owner, Property Manager

Location: Hayes Valley, San Francisco

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