Supporting Family Housing Keeps San Francisco Vibrant

When Mary Ann Masagca and her husband Michael moved into the SOMA Family Apartments with his parents, they were the “kids” in the household. Aware of the many challenges of raising a family in San Francisco, they hesitated to start one of their own.

“Expensive childcare and the lack of affordable youth services are a critical part of why families leave the City,” said Denise Obrero, manager of TNDC’s Tenderloin After-School Program (TASP). “You need community based services and amenities that fit families’ needs.”

Only once the Masagcas saw the abundance of support available to families through their building, their surrounding community and neighborhood did they decide: we can make a family work.

And the city has worked for the Magascas. Their daughters, Maya and Maja, attend schools in SOMA so Mary Ann can easily drop off and pick up her girls while also earning a certificate in coding. They’ve been able to foster their daughters’ love of arts and crafts by regularly visiting the Children’s Art Museum and attending workshops in the Mission.

“Our family loves San Francisco,” said Mary Ann.

Living in San Francisco provides both adults and children with the opportunity for growth and self-expression, but San Francisco also benefits from families like the Magascas. Families are essential for providing perspective, diversity, and social vibrancy to a city, especially one with an increasing population of single professionals.

“Having families in San Francisco keeps the city diverse and interesting. It changes how we think what a family is and what a family can be,” said Shatae Jones, a Social Work Services Manager who works in Curran House, one of our family-friendly buildings.

When you support TNDC and TASP, you’re lessening the financial burdens for parents like Mary Ann and Michael and helping children like Maya and Maja experience all San Francisco has to offer.



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