Growing Up at SOMA Studios

You can help more children grow up with stability. 

Amelia Llacer has experienced a rare situation in San Francisco—she has lived in the same home since she was six years old. 

Your support allows Amelia and her mom, who is deaf, to afford rent and live in the heart of the city.

The convenient location meant her mom spent less time on her commute to the Marriott and more time studying at a local school for the deaf and spending time with her daughter.

“I had to be her voice,” said Amelia, reflecting on her childhood. At a young age, Amelia and her mom developed a very close relationship.

Because a young Amelia often had to take on adult responsibilities, growing up near fun spots like the pier and the ballpark meant a lot to her. She thinks fondly of the many hours she spent at the Civic Center Library where she could connect with other kids her age.

When Amelia and her mom first moved into SOMA Studios, it was brand new and Amelia was the only child. Now much has changed.

There are many families and young people. Even now, as Amelia earns her BA in Psychology and ASL at Berkeley City College, she has two classmates living in the same building.

The whole building, Amelia says, feels homey.


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