HOME IS WHERE We Find Community

No two TNDC homes are alike.

With over 4,100 people across 39 buildings, our residents span continents and generations. From one-year-olds to seniors turning one hundred, our residents speak over 30 languages.

But for many of our residents and staff, food is the universal language of TNDC.

A hot meal, funded by your donations, brings residents together throughout the year at community events, such as the Ambassador, Dalt, and West Hotel’s annual Summer Talent Show and BBQ.

“Events are always a good time to catch up with our neighbors,” says Nelson Obando, a resident at SOMA Family Apartments. “Everyone enjoys food.”

Community events are especially important at the end of the year, when many residents are unable to share the holidays with their loved ones. This November and December alone we hosted 44 holiday parties each with a warm meal.

Your generosity has also provided another opportunity for people to connect with each other: neighborhood pantries.

This year we opened our third pantry which allows us to distribute over 230,000 lbs of free food annually to TNDC residents and the wider community—a 575% increase since 2016!

Every week, Food and Nutrition Supervisor Rebbeca Barajas sees how food creates community. Pantry participants speaking different languages help each other carry groceries. Sometimes they pool together their food and make a family-style meal.

At the pantry serving the Willie B. Kennedy Apartments and Western Addition, Rebbeca posts a weekly recipe. Participants, she said, always like to offer their own cultural-twist on her recipes.

Rebbeca is constantly learning from her pantry participants and the kids at the Tenderloin After-School Program who she cooks with twice a month. It’s part of what makes TNDC’s community so unique and rewarding.

See three resident recipes and their full translations.


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