Resident Spotlight: Jason Fraser

Finding a new start at the Sierra Madre Apartments

Jason Fraser has been a tenant at TNDC’s Sierra Madre for almost three years. He was born in the city and grew up in Pacifica. Other than a year he spent in Manhattan, Jason has always called San Francisco home.

Two years ago, Jason lived in an apartment near Alamo Square. He says the view was nice, but it was hard to afford his $1,200 a month rent-controlled studio. When his landlord raised the rent, he turned to TNDC.
Jason was a carpenter for thirty years, working on various projects throughout the city. In 2000, Jason had to give up his job when his Multiple Sclerosis advanced. Of all the disadvantages of living with MS, he misses working the most.
The supportive services within TNDC have been helpful to Jason. Every Monday he meets with a social worker and receives food from TNDC’s food bank distribution.

“The staff is nice. They help with food distribution, and they organize building events for tenants,” he says, “I know if I have a problem I can talk to them about it.”

Jason is a friendly face in the neighborhood and at the Sierra Madre. He says hello to his neighbors and knows them by name. He is always willing to help out when he can. Since becoming a tenant, Jason has volunteered with TNDC’s Community Organizing Department. In the 2013 election, Jason worked on voter registration of TNDC tenants and helped the Yes on Proposition C campaign for a housing trust fund. He volunteered at phone banks, went door-to-door in his building, and made announcements at joint tenant meetings at several TNDC buildings.

“I really liked working with Jason on the Yes on Prop C: Housing Trust Fund campaign. He understands first-hand how important supportive housing is, and he really cares about building community at our buildings and improving the neighborhood,” says Hatty Lee, TNDC’s Community Organizing Manager.
Jason has big ideas for the neighborhood and the city. He would like to see solar installed on all the buildings to help reduce gas and electric bills for tenants and to help the environment. “San Francisco is a great place for solar. I’d like to help make that happen anyway I can.”

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