The Masagcas Thrive in SOMA Family Apartments

The Masagca’s kitchen table is piled with a box of crayons and a stack of paper. “We are big crafters,” says Mary Ann, as her youngest daughter, Maja, excitedly points to three “fairy houses” on a shelf. Mary Ann says they made the houses during an arts and craft session organized by the social workers at SOMA Family Apartments.

Finding TNDC was a “happy coincidence,” says Mary Ann. Together, with her in-laws and husband, Michael, they were some of the first residents who moved into the SOMA Apartments in 2003. After seeing the building’s supportive and family

friendly community for several years, Mary Ann and Michael decided to start a family of their own in the same apartment.

Location makes all the difference for the Masagcas. San Francisco provides culturally rich activities and incredible art for her family’s interests. Living in SOMA means they can walk to Maja’s kindergarten and easily access public transit for karate classes for her older daughter, Maya. Even though the city and SOMA can be challenging places to live, Mary Ann says “SOMA is a family area.” She wants more families to see that they can live here, too.

The SOMA Apartments itself is a unique community. Social workers help each family navigate the many questions that come with parenting and everyone is friends with their neighbors.


Mary Ann shares that her daughters love having their friends in the building. Overhearing her mom, Maja shouts “I love the courtyard and balcony too!” From the bottom bunk in their shared room, Maya, shouts “I love my room!” Copying her older sister, Maja announces she also loves her room. Then Mary Ann says, “They’re always like this,” and jokes that she can’t wait for the girls to go back to school.



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