Tenant Focus: Kathy Wolfe

Katherine “Kathy” Wolfe is more than a tenant at TNDC’s SOMA Apartments. A participant in leadership training provided through TNDC, Kathy serves as the President of the SOMA Residents Association. Kathy herself describes her journey from homeless to community leader as “an incredible ride.”

Kathy lived for many years in SROs (single room occupancy) housing with her two (2) children. SROs are housing of last resort for individuals and families who might otherwise be homeless. SROs are challenging places to raise young children due to their noise and lack of privacy.

In Kathy’s case, the SRO asked her for $490 in rent … representing 95% of her income. Kathy was forced to relocate her family multiple times just ahead of an eviction notice. In fact, one time she waited too long, and the resulting eviction became part of her rental history, making it impossible for Kathy to find housing. This cycle—of finding housing only to lose it again due to its high cost—is one we see a lot here at TNDC. Kathy came to us homeless and seeking an end to the constant chaos that was her housing situation.

Kathy has difficulty breathing due to chronic asthma. She also suffers from depression and PTSD as a result of extreme sleep deprivation from her chaotic living situation. So the first order of business was to get Kathy on Social Security Disability. After this was accomplished, Kathy was able to find housing in a 1BR on Howard Street, which serves as a stable base both for her and for her adult children, who have left the nest but are still struggling to find their feet.

But more than housing, in TNDC Kathy found a supportive community, one that was willing to provide opportunities for her to grow and change as an individual. Kathy attended leadership training sponsored by TNDC. Thanks to Kathy’s determination, this catapulted her into a leadership role. Today, Kathy loves her home at the SOMA Apartments and enjoys her role as the President of the Residents Association advocating for tenants like herself across multiple TNDC properties.

Her biggest accomplishment?


Her advise to others in her situation?

Trust in God and keep asking for what you need. Quiet and affordable housing is a basic human right.

Her biggest regret

Kathy wishes she could have found supportive housing earlier … so that her children could have enjoyed the benefits of having a stable place to call home.

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