Resident Profile: Connie Moy

TNDC-NL_ArticleImage-ConnieConnecting her neighbors for good.

TNDC resident Connie Moy originally came to San Francisco from China after World War II. Now, six decades later, she has been living in TNDC’s senior building Maria Manor for 20 years.

Connie says many middle-aged American men went to China to meet and marry young Chinese women. One of many that married young, Connie and her husband had seven children, who now live across the U.S.

Now retired after 30 years as a card dealer in Reno, Nevada, Connie enjoys her community at the Maria Manor, often acting as a translator for her Cantonese-only-speaking neighbors, who might otherwise become isolated in their apartments. This year, Connie was voted by her neighbors as a leader of the Tenderloin Chinese Right Association, a social self-help group in the Tenderloin. One of Connie’s favorite things in Maria Manor is engaging and socializing with her neighbors in TNDC’s weekly Tuesday and Thursday building coffee hours; neighbors gather in the dining room to visit and play games. “It gets us out of our rooms,” Connie says. “In the afternoons from noon to 5 p.m., there are several mahjong games going on – every day.”

San Francisco has one of the largest populations of seniors in the country, which is expected to double by the year 2030. Creating housing that considers the physical, social, and service needs of people as they age is critically important in TNDC housing. Over 40% of TNDC residents are seniors.

“I hope to live here forever,” Connie says of staying in Mania Manor. “Everyone here is my friend. The building and management is so nice, and it’s a wonderful location. I want to thank TNDC for all they do.”

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