TNDC tenants
TNDC residents help get out the vote in November election

This past November was an especially busy time for TNDC’s Community Organizing Department. With so much at stake in this last election, especially for the lowest-income members of our community, TNDC’s Community Organizing team set out to make the voices of the Tenderloin heard through a Get-Out-The-Vote campaign. The team began strategizing back in July on how to mobilize voters in District 6 (the Tenderloin and SOMA). It was important that the plan included voter registration and awareness of initiatives. Propositions C and E both directly impacted TNDC and Tenderloin residents. Making sure Tenderloin voters understood this was crucial. TNDC staff Hatty, Lorenzo and Ryan set to work training more than 40 TNDC resident leaders to be Prop C and E champions. Armed with materials provided by the Yes On Prop C: San Francisco Needs Homes campaign, they went door to door, speaking with neighbors face-to-face about San Francisco’s lack of affordable housing and the role they could play on election day.

“Our campaign to pass Props C and E was inspiring, not only because we were able to fund more affordable housing, but because dozens of TNDC’s resident leaders, low-income people from the Tenderloin and South of Market, stood up and led the way,”

says Steve Woo, Community Organizing Director. Through this process, resident leaders identified more than 1,200 positive supporters before Election Day.

On the weekend leading up to Election Day, TNDC staff and resident leaders knocked on doors non-stop, visiting some households three or four times in order to remind and encourage Tenderloin voters. Over the four days, they knocked on doors 2,500 times. By the time the polls closed, the team had already confirmed 400 individuals who had voted for Prop C and E through their canvassing and poll checking efforts. Final results were even more fantastic; both Prop C and E passed with overwhelming support from the Tenderloin and SOMA communities. Even more so, TNDC’s organizing efforts resulted in a new group of Tenderloin leaders who are empowered to make their neighborhood and city a better place to live.

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