Volunteer Profile: Anthony Costaños

Over the last seven and half years, volunteer Anthony Castaños has watched TASP kids go from elementary school to college. He has gotten to know students through their college application essays. He has helped Eduardo, fondly called “his protégé,” for seven years and saw him gain independence and move to San Jose State.

Four years ago, he met Nidhi, who spoke fluent Hindi and Gujarati, and he soon recognized the need to develop her English grammar. Now, she sends him essays from Sonoma State on occasion, and he’s always impressed by how much her writing has improved.

A self-declared left-brainer and Urban Studies graduate of UC Berkeley, Anthony has also seen his own communication and writing skills improve while at TASP. But above all, he has learned to be patient.

“Kids are everything,” said Anthony, Associate Manager of Land Stewardship at the Save the Redwoods League, who can now see becoming a teacher in the future. In the meantime, he will continue volunteering at TASP as long as he lives in San Francisco. “I might be at TASP forever,” said Anthony.

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