Social Work Services


Since 1996, TNDC Social Workers have been providing free, voluntary, on-site, and confidential services to individuals, families and children. Since inception, the goals of TNDC’s Support Service program have included:

  • Provide tenants with support services that assist in the stabilization and maintenance of housing.
  • Provide tenants with ongoing individualized support services that promotes the development and growth of their self-esteem, independence and self-sufficiency.
  • Assist tenants to retain their housing by providing housing retention and eviction prevention support services.
  • Promote the growth and development of safe and supportive communities through the organization and facilitation of community events, activities and informational workshops.

Our services are also guided by the principles of cultural humility; we strive to engage in a process of lifelong learning and self-reflection, we believe that our tenants are the experts of their own experience, and we are committed to redressing the power imbalances in the service provider-tenant relationship. TNDC Social Workers use an integrated model of services that includes a close working partnership with Property Management. Voluntary services are client based; client driven and services are provided using a Harm Reduction philosophy. By employing the principles of Harm Reduction, services are provided to “meet tenants where they are” demonstrating respect for choice, self-determination and cultural identity.

Helping TNDC tenants break the cycle of homelessness and find stability is a priority for Social Workers. By working with our Property Management Department, TNDC Social Workers assist tenants in stabilizing and maintaining their housing. Social Workers do this by providing housing retention and eviction prevention services, linking tenants to medical, mental health and substance use services, and assisting tenants to increase their income by accessing public benefits, and linking them to employment and training programs in the community.

Each Social Worker possesses a strong knowledge of and sensitivity to issues related to homelessness, has demonstrated the capacity to work with a culturally diverse, low-income population, and has the ability to maintain strong boundaries and respect for confidentiality.

The Social Work Unit also has a close working relationship with TNDC’s Tenderloin After-School Program (TASP) to provide wrap around services to many of our families and to organize intergenerational events with our seniors.

We value equity. We believe that equal access to resources and services is a cornerstone to social justice and we are committed to delivering high quality services to all of our tenants.

Please note that our Social Services are only offered to TNDC residents.

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