A mother and her two daughters stand on the rooftop of Casa Adelante -2828 16th Street

Maria and Her Family Get to Know Their New Home


Dated 12.22.2021

This holiday season, three generations of TNDC tenants—Rose, Yahdaeh, and Maria—share their stories of hope, strength, and perseverance to provide a loving and caring home for themselves, their families, and community. Stay connected with us so you don’t miss out on the next stories!

Maria and her two daughters find joy in spending time together, going to church, and getting to know their new home. We’re honored to tell their story and have them as tenants at TNDC’s newest building, Casa Adelante – 2828 16th Street.

Before going up to the rooftop garden at their new home, Casa Adelante – 2828 16th Street, Maria helps her seven-year-old daughter Kathleen put on her sweater while her older sister, Lissbeth, waits patiently on their bunk bed.  

“They’re great kids. Lissbeth helps with her sister a lot,” said Maria as she shares how Lissbeth teaches younger kids at their church and wants to be either a teacher, scientist, or engineer when she grows up.

Maria’s family is very happy with their new home. Lissbeth and Kathleen are especially happy because they now have their own room and space. Lissbeth, who is eleven years old, hopes a bean bag chair is in her future. “They are great for reading, sitting down, and doing stuff on your phone!” she says excitedly.

Before moving into their two-bedroom home at 2828 16th Street, Maria and her daughters shared a studio with her mom and brother. The small space was very challenging for the entire family.

Maria shared that while Lissbeth and Kathleen were always trying hard in school, it was difficult for them to focus without their own space. She’s already seen a difference now that their living situation has changed.

“A lot of doors had closed for us because we didn’t have enough income and didn’t qualify for different things,” said Maria as she reflected on how many places she applied to before being accepted into 2828 16th Street.

Opening doors and investing in the next generation is exactly why it’s so critical that we all continue to advocate for and build more affordable housing like 2828 16th Street. Co-developed with the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA), 2828 16th Street alone provides 143 brand new homes!

Now, doors feel like they’re opening for Maria’s family. They’re getting to know their new home, connect with resources, and manage work, school, and church.

She has already started building a relationship with one of the onsite social workers, Natalia. Natalia has helped Maria apply for resources, translated information from English to Spanish (Maria is originally from El Salvador), and manage the overall transition to their new home.

Since it’s the first holiday season for tenants in the building, TNDC staff has wanted to make it extra special. Staff has decorated the building, distributed food packages, put out hot chocolate, and organized a community holiday tree decorating. The tree currently features some beautiful ornaments created by Lissbeth and Kathleen.

Maria is building a strong foundation for her children. In the meantime, she’s making some holiday magic by planning a trip for Lissbeth and Kathleen to see snow for the first time.  

As we tell stories like Maria’s, we must remember that affordable housing makes it possible for people with limited incomes to have the stability they deserve. If we don’t build affordable housing, these are the people and stories we leave behind.  By supporting TNDC’s mission you make the foundation for their self-determined success possible. Stand with us and invest in a future where every generation has a home.

Photo Credit: Felix Uribe Jr.

A mother and her two daughters stand on the rooftop of Casa Adelante -2828 16th Street
A mother helps her daughter put on her sweater
Two young girls sit on their bunk bed