Handmade sign reads "Tenderloin Solidarity" with a raised fist

Breaking into the November 2020 Vote


Dated 6.1.2020

Because of the generosity of donors like you, the Community Organizing Voter Education (COVE) team can support Tenderloin residents in deepening their policy and election work.

“The work doesn’t stop with getting people housed,” explains Jaime Viloria, a Community Organizer at TNDC. “It’s also about bringing more positive change to the community, and we do that through policy work.”

Your generosity helps COVE, a team of Tenderloin residents who have first-hand experience with injustice, connect with their neighbors about how voting can break existing racist policies and power structures.

COVE has had to work through the new challenges of social distancing and the existing systemic problems that make voting inaccessible for people with low incomes, especially people of color.  

COVE usually knocks door-to-door for meaningful one-on-one conversations, but as TNDC follows CDC guidelines, COVE has pivoted to phone and Zoom calls to engage people. Thanks to your reliable giving, COVE can continue engaging and building momentum to the November election.

The team has also had to innovate across existing barriers that Tenderloin residents face such as a lack of computer or smartphone, access to Wi-Fi, familiarity with technology, and translation support. The digital divide is one more example of the disparities that prevent communities of color, like the Tenderloin, from participating fully in civic life.

With your help, we can break the cycle and continue to break ground on policies driven by the people who need to be heard the most.