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Building a Solid Foundation in Difficult Times


Dated 6.1.2020

Thank you for building a solid enough foundation for TNDC to continue serving over 5,800 people through the pandemic.

Without you, especially our Groundbreakers who give monthly, TNDC would have struggled through this time of crisis. Reliable sources of funding are so important right now.

You’re allowing us to provide people, many of whom are most at risk of getting sick, with essential shelter, food, and care for their mental health and well-being.   

“It really makes a difference when tenants know that you care about them with all that's going on in the world,” said Angelita Rivera, Assistant Manager at the Kelly Cullen Community.

You’ve also allowed us to shift our efforts to where they're needed most.

As tenants faced going hungry because of lost income and health concerns preventing them from going to the store, your support enabled us to bring over 4,000 prepared meals and 500 bags of groceries directly to people’s homes every week. When kids faced going hungry because of losing school meals, you helped us partner with the San Francisco Unified School District to turn the Tenderloin After-School Program into a free grab-and-go food site for families.

Your regular support especially allowed us to meet unexpected needs including the urgent need to purchase additional cleaning supplies, increase sanitation, and buy thousands of masks for our tenants.

If you are able to give monthly as a Groundbreaker at, your reliable funding will be invaluable to help us navigate current and future unpredictable times.

Your support, however big or small, whether it’s once a month or once a year, means the world to the people and communities we serve.  

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