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Tenderloin After-School Program Supports Kids & Families through the Pandemic


Dated 10.1.2020

Because families in the Tenderloin asked for a supportive and fun learning environment for their kids, we worked together to bring the Tenderloin After-School Program (TASP) to life.

Housed in Franciscan Towers, TASP has been an extension of the building’s family-centric community for nearly 30 years. Now, those same families and many others throughout San Francisco face significant challenges due to the pandemic.

Guardians are struggling to balance work and remote learning. Folks who aren't paid a living wage are struggling to access stable internet and find the physical space in their homes for their kids to study. Because most of these families are also Black and Brown, this unjustly puts kids of color who want to learn at a huge disadvantage.

That's a major reason why the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families (DCYF) started the Community Hub Initiative, a Citywide effort to support kids in their distance learning.

With your support and our partnership with DCYF, TASP is a proud participant of the initiative, hosting two "hubs" in the Tenderloin.

The TASP team is providing weekly in-person homework support, fun activities, healthy meals, and a stable environment for learning with WiFi and digital learning devices for 26 kids!

Vivianna Rojas, current youth worker at TASP and past program participant, feels the initiative is a big help.

"I’m excited we’re doing this for [the kids]. I really hope they can fully benefit, and we can just be there for them for whatever they need," said Vivianna.

Your support also contributes to the TASP team providing weekly activity kits, weekly groceries, and monthly wellness calls to numerous families in the Tenderloin.

TASP staff member assists a kid with homework in a learning hub