Donor Spotlight: Joseph Newfield

Meet Monthly Donor Joseph Newfield.

Always curious, competitive, and enthusiastic, longtime San Franciscan Joseph Newfield has been supporting TNDC with regular monthly contributions for well over a decade. “Becoming a monthly donor was simple to set up and it’s an easy way to support what I believe in. Knowing that my donations happen automatically gives me peace of mind.”

Joseph is Co-Founder and Creative Director at School of Thought, a San Francisco-based marketing and advertising agency combining award-winning creative with a passion for moving the needle. In this role, Joseph spends a lot of time helping clients by finding the people who need what they have to offer and getting those people to take action.

A San Francisco resident since 1992 (Joseph spent a decade living in a former pasta factory he converted into a live-work space), he found TNDC quickly when our 8th & Howard apartments were under construction, and he has watched the organization grow over the years with satisfaction. “It’s not just that you’re housing people; TNDC is contributing to the built environment with something tangible.”

When asked to consider the best aspect of all TNDC does, his answer is definitive: “Real roofs over the heads of thousands of people. It is impressive. Walk around our city and you will see 30 buildings operated by TNDC.”

Joseph also has a special appreciation for the inherent value of older neighborhoods. “Buildings are an asset. Older buildings like you find in the Tenderloin protect affordability for San Francisco. They create a place where artists can live, a place for galleries and for small businesses.” He observes, “Low-income neighborhoods can be both preserved and enhanced in tandem with other initiatives that celebrate the arts, diverse cultures, and neighborhood history.

Joseph hopes to continue as a monthly donor for many years to come, and wants every San Franciscan to know about TNDC. “The problems that TNDC is working on are important to me. Supportive housing and services are an important contribution to our city. Homelessness in particular is such a hard issue in San Francisco; it’s easy to give up. TNDC is impressive for its effectiveness and its scale – thousands of people are housed.”

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