Green Initiatives



TNDC’s Green Initiatives improve the quality of life and well-being of over 3,700 residents and employees of TNDC and also the lives of those living in surrounding neighborhoods. It improves the health and safety of work environment, the homes of our residents and our neighborhoods-creating a healthier planet for all. At TNDC, we are deeply committed to our comprehensive green initiatives, both internally as part of our company operations and externally in our work as the largest community-based affordable housing development corporation in San Francisco. We launched our efforts in earnest in 2008, with each new housing development meeting or exceeding the Green Communities standard. Since that time, we have deepened and broadened our commitment to ensuring that sustainable principles are reflected throughout our work to include the acquisition, preservation and rehabilitation of affordable housing, our property management and supportive services, and our resident engagement programs.

Our Green Goals

Our goals are the preservation of affordable and sustainable housing, the advancement of resident engagement to achieve positive community impact, the leveraging of expertise and effective business models, and the employment and promotion of green and sustainable practices for the long-term benefit of residents and communities. We strive to be resourceful, responsible stewards to improve lives and strengthen communities.

Our Green Programs

TNDC’s Green Initiatives include our green asset management strategy with green design and construction guidelines; our green rehab planning and assessment; our Go Green employee program and green pledge; and our community building and organizing programs to include our successful rooftop garden and composting programs. We have established a comparative baseline in the three major energy categories of electricity, gas and water. Our initial findings suggest that the cumulative effects of the water and gas conservation efforts since 2012 have been effective on a portfolio perspective. Water conservation installation of low-flow toilets, sink and shower aerators, and leak preventative measures has had a positive impact on consumption. Gas conservation measures such as installing solar hot water panels, time clocks to heating boilers, and modernizing hot water heater controllers have also have had a positive impact on consumption. Our property management team has partnered with many outside organizations, such as the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the San Francisco Department of the Environment, as well as PG&E for support in our greening efforts. These organizations have not only helped us install more energy efficient and water saving devices at a low cost, but have also engaged and educated our residents on the importance of going green. We know that low-income, minority and other underserved communities are disproportionately affected by toxic living environments. Our efforts to green our portfolio and engage residents in gardening, energy savings, recycling, etc. help to create healthier places for people to live, work and play. Our promotion of community-oriented activities for toxics reduction and energy-savings within our resident communities helps to address the inequalities that exist in many of our neighborhoods.

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