Franciscan Towers Before
Franciscan Towers Reopens in August 2015

Photo: Courtesy of Hoodline

We are proud to announce the re-opening of Franciscan Towers at the corner of Eddy and Taylor. Originally acquired by TNDC in 1987 as housing for individuals and families, Franciscan Towers has been under redevelopment for four (4) years since a fire forced the evacuation of 125 residents.

“The fire gave us an opportunity to remake the building in some fundamental ways,” stated Katie Lamont, Director of Housing Development. “Almost every internal system, from lighting to ventilation, has been rebuilt. Residents who move back in will find a brand new elevator and a community room.”
Additionally, the building has a new mix of units, with more one bedrooms being built in place of studios, to accommodate more families. Some of the studios are outfitted for the disabled, while others were built to house the formerly homeless.

TNDC received over 2,000 applications for the 104 units available at the new and improved Franciscan Towers. A public lottery was held July 14th and residents will begin moving in August.

The building is expected to be fully leased by the end of September.

Overheard at the lottery: “I’m excited to move back. My [temporary housing in SOMA] was nice, but the Tenderloin is home. I cannot wait to see my peeps.”

Residents were not the only people affected by the fire.

The administrative offices of TNDC and TNDC’s Tenderloin After School Program (TASP) were located on the building’s first floor. Currently operating out of two (2) trailers on the opposite corner of Eddy and Taylor, TNDC and TASP plan to relocate to the first floor of Franciscan Towers sometime in September.

TNDC plans to build 103 units of affordable housing on the site where today the trailers sit, plus a commercial space that could be a great location for food stalls or a small grocery store. Welcome news to the residents of Franciscan Towers and other Tenderloin neighbors, who depend on local corner stores for all or most of their shopping needs.

Franciscan Towers After

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